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Thee Instruction Manual For Life

What the readers say:

Karen LaVoie's book, Life ABSOLUTES, really helped me learn how to use and apply complicated spiritual principles to my everyday life. For example, I read Karen's book while I was interviewing for a full time position at the William Morris Agency and used some of her visualization and Law of Attraction ideas throughout my interview process to help me get the job.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences."

In Gratitude,

Matt Welsh, Author of The Bottom Line

"LIFE ABSOLUTES Thee Instruction Manual For Life" - written by Karen LaVoie is not only a must read book it is a must use book. Included are insights to being a true master of our own life, confirmation of our purpose, and day to day successful living. My book is already highlighted, underlined and showing signs of use. I highly recommend the truths between the covers of this gem."
– Rev. George Truett Crawford

"Karen LaVoie is an Overwhelming and Awesome individual. In my own life experience it is not often when I have encountered and become friends with anyone who exudes and emanates more Positive Polarity, Uplifting energy than Karen LaVoie.

In "Life ABSOLUTES" Karen presents a simple and guided step by step program by which anyone can transform their life and affairs. Get Your Own Copy of this book. Proceed through all of the steps which Karen clearly outlines in each of the chapters.

Then watch your life transform itself into that Joyous and Happy Bliss we were all intended to experience from the day we began our journey from birth in this lifetime. May you all be Blessed with Abundant Health, Infinite Prosperity, Eternal Divine Love and all the Joyous Activities of your own Divine Plan Fulfilled.

Thank you to my dear friend Karen."
Sincerely Devoted "I AM" Student of Beloved Saint Germain (name withheld by request)

“Your book is more addicting than chocolate! I read it every day and refer to it quite often so I keep it with me. The best book since the Bible.”
– Jean Mark

"Personally, I have read Karen LaVoie’s book called Life ABSOLUTES and t"Personally, I have read Karen LaVoie’s book called Life ABSOLUTES and the one thing it does is complete the thought process and give us the missing piece of the puzzle that many great books leave out. I know you will get 10 times the value of this information than what she is charging for her seminar. Miss this and you may not be able to complete the puzzle for any area of your life."– David Sides, author of Spirituality-Unlocking the Mystery

“Sis, I wanted you to know what happened today. I started reading your book yesterday with some skepticism and today almost everything that was challenging and not working yesterday is not only going my way it seems miraculous. What you say works. I am going to recommend this to every golfer.”
- Pat LaVoie, club72golf.com




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"I love the audio book. It allows me to stay on track guiding me in a way that assists me in staying out of the negative, judgment and the human traps that can sabotage my life. What I love is some days I may feel out of sorts not really clear as to exactly what it is that is causes my ‘imbalance’-I just allow my inner voice to guide me to the CD that is right for that day and it is always the one that helps me to get back to where I need to be—guiding me and allowing me to find what I need to adjust in myself.

I could not listen to this audio book enough. Every time I gleam something new that assists me in being one with my source and inline with the path I am meant to follow. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"–Cheri Atkinson

Audio Book: Over 8 hours of INSPIRING and POWERFUL Truths to help you transform YOUR Life!

7 Audio CD's packaged in soft pack sleeves. 8.6 hrs.

Plus, a wonderful high tech poly-vinyl carrying case with velcro closure!

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About the book...

Life ABSOLUTES~ Thee Instruction Manual For Life is about Karen LaVoie, the author, sharing the details of the ‘Laws of Life’. One night screaming out at God and demanding to be taken off the planet or be given answers the TRUTH came flooding in! —that was the moment of “letting go” for Karen.

What is shared in this book saved her life! LaVoie takes you through the truthful, simple, concise and precise steps of how the ‘Laws of Life’ work in complete, thorough details for daily use. She gives you a formula to refer to and use moment to moment. LaVoie reveals “new” information and clears up the misunderstanding about where your power comes from and how you use it to manifest and or attract the world you are living in right now.

You are the master of your world! How are you doing? This book gives you the formula and tools to live in complete joy, happiness and abundance in your daily life. It also gives you the foundation, examples and “know-how” to take charge of your life again, whether it is in your relationship with yourself or others, your total health and wellness, your freedom of time, your financial freedom, your career enjoyment and success and or your spiritual wholeness—YOUR ABUNDANCE IN LIFE…well being.
By using these ‘Life Laws’ you will start living the life you were meant to instead of the life everyone has told you, you were supposed to. You will once and for all be able to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life as soon as you start reading this book and applying and living…Life ABSOLUTES the laws of life.

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Book size: 5.5" x 8.5"  .   Pages: 228  .  Cover: Glossy

Orders for books will be shipped within one business day of order via PRIORITY MAIL within the United States.

Retail 19.95
Price: $19  



"The reader will fly when they read this book." - Christina

108 pages   .   hardcover

This book will not only inspire you to journal all your AH*HATM moments will reading the book "Life ABSOLUTES" it will also give you that added momentum to celebrate YOUR successes!

Coming THIS FALL 2007


"Love the illustrations in your book.  They made me laugh in a good way at myself and think...they are excellent Visual reminders.  I am excited to be able to purchase them for my office and home!" -John

Illustration from my book are GOING  to be Sold...COMING SOON!!!


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